by Andres Diaz ©2019

You short little bitch

What’s your glitch

You look at me like I’m a leper

Because I don’t march to the beat of Sgt Hetero Pepper

Bisexual people do exist

We’re not spectres in the mist

You looked like you wanted to puke

When I came out to you, you rotten kook

How small minded and ignorant you are

For someone hanging out in a gay bar

A closed minded woman like you is a waste indeed

Running from anything different at great speed

Well you can live in your sheltered world if you want

But I will write about you with this font

Even though many years have past

I have the word and it is the last

Revenge is a dish best served cold

And if I may be so bold

I’m eternally grateful your stain in my life was brief

I will allow you to cause me no further grief

So fuck you and your biphobia too

I’m throwing you out like a broken old shoe!

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