by Andres Diaz ©2019

Are you scared yet

By the devil that you just met

Now that you’ve prejudged me

There’s nothing left for you to see

My inherent goodness is only an illusion

Created by a paranoid delusion

Forget all the good I’ve done in life

You know I only care about strife

Who cares that I offer so much

Keep shivering imagining my icy cold touch

I’m probably some piece of trash

With a mind mangled like a car crash

Why would you want me around

When I dream of putting you underground

Why hang out with someone who’s lots of fun

Listen to your friends when they tell you to run

Go ahead, run away and hide

Before your expectations and reality collide

You see that I’m the best

Even though I can’t pass your test

You’ve decided to demonize me

You, a worthless jellyfish with the mind of a flea

We never even spoke before

But you decided you knew me from my core

You made up your mind

And decided I should be left behind

I did not deserve your mistreatment

Or your contempt from a mind so bent

I know that I am better without you

I know that I am the man that you rue

I live in peace without your ignorance

And your mind so dense

I could have been everything you needed

But it was the haters you heeded

Well now it is time and I am off

I don’t care what you do, even if you scoff

I had my world and you had your own

Now behold my talents as your mind is blown

Blown away back to the memories of my past

And now you’re gone because against me you will never last.

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