This past week has been so hard for me. It’s still affecting me today. I’ve been so depressed all week, there were times I just wanted to burst out crying but didn’t because no one understands why I’m upset. Adding to that having some really vicious people talk down to me and swear at me made my work week harder. I just feel like a complete failure. Like no matter what I do or say, no one wants to help or back me up. Its come to the point where I’m questioning myself and feeling a lot of self hatred. I don’t know what to do. Even at home I get no support and feel like no one understands or cares. I feel like people belittle me for being bipolar and having an anxiety disorder. Like I’m just supposed to just flip on the happy switch and never have a bad day or show any emotion or sadness. I hate taking medication, especially when everyone believes that the medication is supposed to make you instantly normal and how they want you to be! I have no choice that I’m bipolar and have anxiety. It is what I’ve been stuck with. My medication can only do so much! I hate that people who have their own mental issues and won’t seek treatment, belittle me for having mental issues! People with mental illnesses are not doing this for attention or need to snap out of it. People with mental illnesses are being scapegoated and demeaned and it’s time for that shit to stop!

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