Al Go Rhythm

by Andres Diaz ©2019

Beware the beat of Al Go Rhythm

The tune that only some will hear

The party never stops with Al Go Rhythm

But he can stop your party mighty quick

Unless you dance to the tune of Al Go Rhythm

No one will see your posts

Forget posts of interest or intelligence

Forget posts that will bring you customers

Al Go Rhythm hates those things

Al Go Rhythm loves your dick and titty picks

He loves your social media feuds and celebrity crushes

He loves the controversial and the offensive

Al Go Rhythm says to fuck society

Fuck reason, fuck art, fuck your hopes and dreams

Al Go Rhythm says to fuck the world as it stands now

Create a better world filled with human garbage spewing sewage from their mouths

So fuck you if you depend on social media to bring customers

Fuck you if you can’t afford to hire an ad agency

Fuck you if you won’t bend yourself to Al Go Rhythm’s will

You are nothing without Al Go Rhythm

You are nothing at all

You must love Al Go Rhythm

Or you can fuck off!

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