The Fiend is Gone

by Andres Diaz ©2019

So I’ve saved you for last

The demon from my past

Child with no backbone

You knew your plans were wrong

But I was far too strong

And you needed me to go away

You badmouthed me to her

You rancid cur

And told her to stay away

You knew I was a Puerto Rican man

The story that I was Mexican is what you ran

Your racism against all us Latinos was clear

But your attacks against me didn’t stop there

The rage you held inside for me became bare

Claims I only listened to metal were false

You outed me without permission to a stranger

You purposefully tried to put me in danger

You were a horrible fiend and didn’t stop

You got your girlfriend to join in the fun

And to mock and ridicule me so I’d run

I left so you two could be in peace

You thought you had built a wonderful construction

But your jealousy led to your destruction

And she decided to walk away

So where are you now you wretched creature?

Gone overseas, a new land to feature

You look like Rasputin trying to be Goth

I’ve always been better than you

That is something you know too

This Goth guy is now the boss

I’ve reached a peak and I like it here

Down below I can see you sneer

I will never leave this beautiful place

So here I am the man you’re not

While you fiddle away and rot

Goodbye you piece of trash, karma really kicked your ass!

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