Who am I?

by Andres Diaz ©2019

Do you know who the fuck I am?

I’m the king of all I survey

You’re a lowly peasant

Now get the fuck out of my way

Your boyfriend was jealous of me

He was always talking shit

He wanted to be me

But my mantle wouldn’t fit

You went along with it of course

You loved the drama and the fun

It brought you two closer together

With the destruction of the one

The one who you said wasn’t Goth anymore

Because I wore a red shirt to a Goth night

Claiming I was a Mexican who only listened to metal

You two assholes had a ball, right?

Well you two didn’t stay together for long

Using me to distract from your failings didn’t work

You two broke up

But somehow I was the jerk

You made everyone hate me

They all pushed me away

I went into hiding

To avoid any fray

Well now that the years have passed

The king has returned

To see all you motherfuckers

And how you all got burned

You all thought you were something

You thought you were better

But look here comes Karma

And you are the debtor

I see how you wallow, I see how you rage

You ended up with nothing, isn’t that fine

I moved on without you

And got what was mine

My world turned much brighter

I found inner peace

And you became nothing

So you I release.

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