One of the worst betrayals I’ve ever had was to have a friend turn his back on me when I needed them the most. He chose to believe other’s lies about me instead of the truth from my own mouth. I’ve let that fester for too long and I needed to release it. I’m sick and tired of letting the pain control me, it’s time for me to shoot the pain back at the motherfuckers that hurt me the most!

A Friend’s Betrayal

by Andres Diaz ©2019

You told me you were my friend

That you’d stand by my side

But when I really needed you

I found out you fucking lied

You attacked me with vengeance

Based on other’s lies

Your friendly face melted

Showing your true guise

When I needed you the most

All you did was scold

When I asked you for assistance

You left me out in the cold

Now to me you’re a loser

That’s all you’ll ever be

I’m happier without you

And I hope it’s you I never see.

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