So I’ve been feeling like writing some aggressive poems. These may not be some people’s cup of tea, but I’m writing these for me. I need to vent and let some things out and I’ve decided to do it through my poetry. Life is not all sunshine and buttercups, sometimes people shit all over you. Sometimes people who don’t deserve the spotlight and veneration they get, keep people from seeing the rest of us who have been working our asses off for years and still getting nothing! I’m sick of that shit and I’m letting the goddamn world know it!


by Andres Diaz ©2019

You think you’re so special cause you wrote a sonnet

Well, Shakespeare had a colon and you’re all up on it

How can you breath with his sphincter around your neck

Before you pull out, his Sigmoid could use another peck

People fawn over every word you write

But your writing is so damn trite

You probably think you’re among the best

But you could be traded for any of the rest

It’s my goal to fucking excel

Even when I’m walking the pits of Hell

I don’t want to write some flavorless crap

If there’s a safety cord I’ll make it snap

I came here to fucking win

So take your books and sit and spin

Now look at me and quake with fear

Because I’ll be everywhere, far and near!

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