Walk Your Own Path

by Andres Diaz ©2019

The path I walk is not like most others

People fear me because they don’t understand

That I have a need to be free from their constraints

I am not like them, so why should I act like them?

Why should I put my true self aside

And pretend to be something I’m not

To make others happy, to make them comfortable

Comfortable with their fear, their insecurities, their jealousy

I am who I am without regret

You can take me or can leave me

But don’t try to stop me, don’t try to make me conform

Be yourself, walk your own path

Open your heart and your mind to endless possibilities

They’re all around you, you just need to listen

To your heart, to your mind, to your spirit

You are you, be your own guide

Don’t depend on others around to tell you

Who to be, what to wear, what to watch or listen to

Be strong, be brave, be yourself!

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