OTRONAUT by Andres Diaz is a poetry collection featuring poems that Andres wrote between 1996 and 2017. This book contains poems about a variety of subjects, including humor, politics, science, history, the supernatural and everyday life. These are poems to amuse you, educate you and to open your eyes and mind to new worlds. Check out the introduction to the book below,

Poetry. Loved, hated, often ignored. Poetry has been with us since the earliest times in human history. Poetry has been used to entertain, educate and as a means of protest. Most people hate poetry because some poems are just so damn difficult to read. Others can’t stand the pretentiousness of some poets or sitting at a spoken word event, bored out of your mind, listening to awful poems. Poetry doesn’t have to be bad. Poets don’t need to be pretentious.

It is my hope that this book changes the way poetry is viewed. Poetry is great for communicating ideas and feelings. Poems can be long or short, rhyme or not, be serious or silly. As you read these poems, look for hidden messages I have left in select poems. I just wanted to be creative and have some fun and share my poems with the world. Some of these poems you may hate, some you may love. Hopefully some of these poems may amuse you, some may educate you.

These poems are about such topics as women’s rights, politics, religion, tolerance and equality. Other poems are about horror, science fiction, fantasy, humor and my love of the gothic lifestyle and also the bad experiences I had in my local Goth scene.

Thank you for buying this book. All proceeds go to my quest to exterminate the Mole People because all they do is slack off and they’re endangering my never ending quest for global domination. You can never get good minions these days, I swear!

Andres Diaz, June 4, 2017


It’s available in PDF format here or in EPUB format here.

Get it today!

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