The House on the Hill
by Andres Diaz ©2017

The old dark house on the hill

Casts a long shadow in the moonlight

Long abandoned it silently watches

The townspeople refuse to turn their eyes towards it

They fear the evil they say still lingers there

But they are unaware of the true evil

The true evil were not the people who lived in the house

But the people of the town that drove them away

The people in the house were just different

They didn’t fit the mold of what was deemed normal

Accused of being immoral and criminal

The rumors and lies became harassment

Accusations of being in league with dark forces

The vandalism led to violence

Those that knew it was wrong stayed silent

When the family moved the celebrations began

Until strange lights appeared in the house

And the phone calls began

The town’s water turned red and the earth shook

The house had loved that family

The house decided the town will pay for separating them

And it would not stop until everyone was gone

Then the house will rest

And hope that the family it loved will return.

This poem and many others like it are available in Andres Diaz’s poetry collection, OTRONAUT, which can be purchased here!

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#hauntedhouse #discrimination #ghoststory #poetry #poem
#albanyny #otronaut

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