The Wizard’s Revenge
by Andres Diaz ©2017

Beneath the castle walls

A giant sleeps

The wizard who enchanted him

Through the hallway creeps

Searching for the king

That had embarrassed him

He will make the king’s future

So very dim

After receiving the king’s insults

He began to roam

Searching for the perfect spot

For the king to build his home

He found the angriest giant

And hid him there

Knowing he will rise

Like an angry bear

He went to the king

And showed him where to build

Architects were consulted

From the Stone Mason’s guild

Over the giant the castle was built

The biggest castle in all the land

Despite all the expense

It will be turned to sand

When the wizard reaches the king

He will reveal his plan

And then awaken the giant

Who will spare no man

The king will have nothing left

And will know the price to pay

For being so malicious

And not caring what you say.

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