Finally, I’m out!

by Andres Diaz, Copyright 2017

Out of all the planets I’ve crash landed on

This one is the worst

People hating each other for the color of their skin

People hating each other based on sexuality

People hating each other because of gender differences

People hating anything or anybody different

People letting their politicians stay in power for decades

People letting their governments control their lives

People letting their governments misuse their tax money

People killing each other in the name of religion

People discriminating against others of different religions

People saying you have to have a religion or else you’re evil

People thinking reality television is real

Popular music that sucks

People whining and complaining and not trying to fix what’s wrong

Finally the rescue ship is landing to take me home

Adios pendejos, I’ll see you in Hell!

This poem and many others like
it are available in the poetry
collection, OTRONAUT, by Andres Diaz.

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