Carmilla Watches

by Andres Diaz, Copyright 2017

The noise you humans make is incredible

I literally heard you a mile away

So you’ve finally discovered my handiwork

It was worth it, her blood was delicious

As was the rest of her

Just a few more days and she will be like me

Why must you pray so loudly?

It doesn’t work any better than your trinkets

You’ll never find me you fools

But you will find the grave of my scapegoat

The stable boy who loved the lord’s daughter

His grave altered to appear that he was like me

How you humans marvel at how he climbed out

And stalked the night for his love

As you stake him I smile knowing I will be gone

With the girl I came here for

And no one will be any wiser

That the real culprit got away.

This poem is based on the vampire character, Carmilla, created by J. Sheridan LeFanu in 1872.

This poem and many others like
it are available in the poetry
collection, OTRONAUT, by Andres Diaz.

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