You’re in the wrong castle

by Andres Diaz

Copyright 2017

In the castle you run

You find no place to hide

They’re breathing down your neck

The ghosts of those that died

You shouldn’t have gone into the dungeon

The monsters have come out to play

Rattling chains and scraping tools

Your flesh they want to flay

You’re running out of breath

They’re closing in on your location

Your heart is pounding faster

Your death is their vocation

You should have heeded the warning

There was no hidden treasure

And now you’re trapped inside

With demons who’ll use you for their pleasure

Now you’ll rest at last

Covered with decay and mold

But for the inhabitants of the castle

Their games never get old.

This poem and many others like it are available in the poetry collection, OTRONAUT, by Andres Diaz.

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