The Hustling Bee by Andres Diaz Copyright 2017

The Hustling Bee has no compassion for the poor

He knows of no kindness

No tolerance

No love

But his faith in his Lord is strong

He claims his Lord is Jesus Christ

J.C. doesn’t know him

J.C. doesn’t want to know him

J.C. only talks to people with courage

And morals

And values

J.C. taught kindness, tolerance, peace and love

J.C. chased money lenders out of the Temple

Hustling Bee thinks J.C. approves of punishing the poor

Hustling Bee thinks J.C. is down with discrimination of LGBTQ

J.C. often wonders what the Hustling Bee doesn’t get

About loving others and being accepting

While J.C. does preach tolerance he has his limits

J.C. doesn’t like the Hustling Bee’s child molester friend

J.C. loves animals as much as people

He hates how the Bee’s son killed that dog

And he really hates how the Bee covered for his son

And helped him evade prosecution

But J.C. is also very generous

He spoke to his Pops and made sure that the Bee goes to Hell

No matter how hard he begs for forgiveness, he’ll never get into Heaven

The Hustling Bee will ride the lava slide to Hell

He made sure the Hustling Bee will have the best time

The hottest fire jacuzzis

The shiniest pitchforks to poke him

And all the hot coals he can eat

The Hustling Bee does not know J.C.

The Hustling Bee only knows hypocrisy

And that’s why the Hustling Bee is going down!

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