Name: Fast Phrenkie

Occupation: Cyberneticist

Homeworld: Vreegan

Species: Human

Bio: Phrenkie Plungoh was a lifelong student of robotics and other mechanical devices. Considering himself to be one of the most exceptional students of robotics, Phrenkie’s skills were considered average at best by his teachers. Wanting to prove to his professors, his supreme control of mechanical devices, he secretly reprogrammed the robots in the science lab to surgically alter him into a cyborg. Thrown out of the school, Phrenkie travelled the stars where he picked up the nickname, “Fast”, because he could reprogram any mechanical device or robot faster than anybody. After running into a man who called himself Al Capone; Phrenkie and Al started a partnership that made them both very rich. After what Phrenkie presumed to be a couple of bounty hunters, came a little too close for comfort, Phrenkie saw his opportunity for revenge on his home planet of Vreegan and convinced Al that it would be the safest place to hide out for a while. Things were going good until a mysterious ship flew over their hideout. After it was shot down Phrenkie went back to his work. It was when the pilot reappeared in their hideout that Phrenkie know he had to act. He didn’t know why the stranger was talking to Al, but Phrenkie was sure he was another cyberneticist looking to steal his laboratory equipment and his creations. Phrenkie had had enough of Al and his betrayal. He was not going to be conspired against by that traitor and his new friend. The only way to resolve this was that he needed to kill them both. He marched over to the room where they were talking, revealed his true plan and while laughing, felt a strange sensation in his chest. His eyes closed and when they opened, he found all his cybernetic implants were gone and his body was whole again. The people were trying to be nice to him, but Phrenkie wanted his implants back. He didn’t believe that he was dead and it was impossible to reconnect them. He lashed out at them and severely injured several of them before he was restrained. After several days of deliberations and attempts to get Phrenkie to calm down, it was decided that he was incorrigible and would be unable to adapt to life in the Afterworld. Phrenkie was sentenced to permanent termination and was sentenced to be consumed by Ammit the Devourer, the ancient Egyptian goddess that was part lion, part hippopotamus and part crocodile. Ammit ate Phrenkie’s heart and then his soul was thrown into a lake of fire, never to be resurrected again.

How did Fast Phrenkie end up going from the planet Vreegan to the Afterworld? Click here to get Strangers from the Sky: A Medlow Staur Adventure (Second Edition) by Andres Diaz!

This is a great read that you will enjoy! Full of action, it’s a great adventure tale for people looking for something new! After you read this, I hope you’ll check out Medlow Staur‘s other adventures!

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