Donnie the Conman
(A Frosty the Snowman parody)

Donnie the ConmanWas a dark and miserable soul


With a creepy stare and fake ass hair

And two thirty nine pounds of poop

Donnie the ConmanLocked the children away in cages


And no one was surprised when

Before our eyes

He turned into Hitler that day

There was a lot of evilIn that old MAGA hat they found


For when they placed it on his head

He began to spout vile things

Donnie the ConmanWas evil as he could be


And the children say

He did horrible shit

Just the same as a Nazi

Donnie the ConmanKnew the indictments were hot that day


So he said let’s run

And we’ll have fun

Now before I go to jail

So down to the villageWith a cellphone in his hand


Tweeting here and there all around the square

Tweeting catch me if you can

He led them down the streets of townRight to the Federal cop


And he only paused a moment when

He heard him holler stop

Donnie the ConmanHad to hurry on his way


But he waved goodbye

Saying don’t you cry

I won’t be back again some day.

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