I love Doctor Who

One of my favorite TV shows is Doctor Who, which is a British TV show which originally aired from 1963 to 1989 and again from 2005 to present. The show follows the adventures of The Doctor as he travels through time and space. The Doctor is a Time Lord, which is a species of alien that when they are critically injured or near death can regenerate. Regeneration changes the body and personality of The Doctor but he’s still the same person. Most recently The Doctor regenerated into his first female form.

I will be updating this post over the next few weeks. For now, here are some of my choices for new fans and those that are interested in Doctor Who, to see what the show’s about!

Under the lake/Before the flood (2 episodes) – Peter Capaldi

The Aztecs – William Hartnell

City of Death – Tom Baker

The Eleventh Hour – Matt Smith

Smith and Jones – David Tennant

Rose – Christopher Eccleston


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