This week for my weekly #WednesdayReads, I ‘ve posted some poems from my poetry book, OTRONAUT! Both poems feature my own take on characters from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein! I hope you enjoy them and check out OTRONAUT for more!

The Night I Found Peace

As I sit in my chair

And look out the suddenly opened door

That leads out on to the veranda

I watch a black cat cross the lawn

As the clouds cover the full moon again

An owl hoots in the distance

The wind rises up almost blowing out the candles

I set down my book and close the door

Returning to my seat I take a sip of wine

I pick up the book and return to the last passage

My reading is again interrupted

By the clock as it strikes the appointed hour

I rise out of my seat and go about my task

Down into the basement I go towards the laboratory

I pull the sheet off of a large cage

Within the cage, bound and gagged, is my creator

He pleads with me with his eyes for mercy

As I unlock the cage I remind him I was made without mercy

I carry him up the stairs like a piece of luggage

Back into the study we go towards the closed door

As I open it I see that my guest has arrived

Knowing better than to invite him in

I carry my creator out on to the veranda

As I lay my creator on the ground before him

The foul creature smiles revealing his razor sharp fangs

I walk back inside and shut the door behind me

I take up my book and sip my wine

Content that now I am finally master of this house.

Dr. Frankenstein’s last statement

These so called learned men know nothing of genius

How could men of such limited imagination call themselves scientists?

True innovation cannot be achieved by the timid

How dare they say my experiments were an abomination to God?

Science has no place for a God that does not want his creations to excel!

If there is a God that created us in His image

Wouldn’t you expect that He, an omniscient entity

Would have seen us evolve to so great a point that we would be His equal?

Why create man in the first place if He knew that someday we would reach him?

Meeting Him on equal terms, not after our deaths but while we are still alive

The fools who testified against me today should be ashamed of themselves

They are not scientists, they are frightened children

They have no imagination or inquisitive instinct

You don’t succeed in science by playing it safe!

The laws of God are irrelevant when He gave us free will

And the laws of man prevent us from growing and achieving the greatness we deserve

The laws of men should be rewritten by men who care about the survival of our species

My experiments were for the betterment of all mankind

And now as we speak my equipment is being smashed

My notes, books and biological samples incinerated

Do you not care about the future?

Do you not care about achieving greatness?

Without my work you’ve doomed us to mediocrity, to failure

You have built the coffin that will encase mankind

And your small minds will be the instrument that drives in the final nail

You can destroy my research

You can destroy my creations

You can take my life

But you will never destroy my dreams

Take heed, after this trial is concluded and my corpse disposed of

There will be others who will rise up against your ignorance

They will be the ones to put you on trial for holding us back

They will be the ones to drive us forward where we need to be!

Your cowardice will be your undoing!

I will have the final victory over you all!

Unhand me!

You can silence my voice but my dream will survive!

Be sure to come back next week for another Medlow Staur adventure!

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