As many of you know from reading my blog, I’m a big fan of Gothic and Industrial music. For this post, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite songs with you and I hope you’ll search them out and give them a listen! The songs with a * next to them mean that there’s a music video for that song. Thank you for your continued support of my blog and I hope you’ll subscribe to it if you haven’t done so already!

The Sisters of Mercy “Vision Thing”

Bauhaus “She’s in Parties” *

New Skin “New Skin” *

Faithful Dawn “I Am Nothing (Harvey Summers Remix)”

KMFDM “Megalomaniac” *

Die Krupps “Iron Man (KMFDM Mix)”

Rammstein “Sehnsucht”

Funker Vogt “Under Deck”

Ayria “Flicker”

God Module “Let’s Go Dark”

Pulcher Femina “Scream and Die”

Pouppee Fabrikk “Betrayal (12″ Mix)”

Tommi Stumpff “Massaker”

System Syn “I Am Here”

The Azoic “Conflict” *

Switchblade Symphony “Clown” *

Alien Sex Fiend “Ignore the Machine” *

Rome Burns “Non Specific Ghost Story”

Imperative Reaction “As We Fall”

Lights of Euphoria “Subjection (Violence Mix by Leaether Strip)”

Front Line Assembly “Plasticity” *

Android Lust “Stained” *

Pop Will Eat Itself “Ich Bin Ein Auslander” *

March Violets “Snake Dance”

Little Match Girl “Endless Madness”

The Electric Hellfire Club “Incubus” *

Omnibox “Perfect (Digital DNA)”

In Strict Confidence “Engelsstaub” *

Noise Box “9 Zombies”

Genitorturers “Sin City”

Love is Colder than Death “Love and Solitude”

Cyberaktif “Nothing Stays”

Ministry “Burning Inside” *

Front 242 “Modern Angel (KMFDM Remix)”

Chemlab “Suicide Jag”

DavaNtage “Cold”

Mina Harker “Letzer Kuss”

Genital A-Tech “Technology”

Razed In Black “What’s Fair?(Regulacion)(Agony Mix)”

London After Midnight “Shatter”

Digital Poodle “Work Terminal” *

Play Dead “The Tenant”

Hocico “Instincts of Perversion”

Juno Reactor “Nitrogen Part 2”

Numb “Static”

Beborn Beton “Another World”

Inkubus Sukkubus “Wytches” *

The Cruxshadows “Deception” *

Audra “Cabaret Fortune Teller” *

Malaise “Walking Through the Wonderland”

Mira “Divine”

Trance to the Sun “You Can Never Cut Your Hair”

SMP “Beta Male”

Magenta “One Mind” *

Eisbrecher “Vergissmeinnicht” *

Children on Stun “Sidelined”

The Birthday Massacre “Looking Glass” *

Killing Joke “Love Like Blood” *

Die Form “Savage Logic (Remix)”

A Split Second “Rigor Mortis (LP Version)”

Steril “Egoist (On The Cross)”

Invisible Ballet “Escaping Light”

Ego Likeness “Water to the Dead”

Brain Leisure “Teknology (Bass Edit Mix)”

Suicide Commando “Save Me”

Society Burning “Magnum P.I.”

Unter Null “Sick Fuck”

Birmingham 6 “679-4700”

Sunshine Blind “Cold from Fever”

Mission U.K. “Last Beat of your Heart”

The Chameleons “Don’t Fall”

Leaether Strip “Strap Me Down”

Mind Resuscitate “Overloaded”

Christian Death “Spiritual Cramp”

Nosferatu “The Haunting (Main Mix)” *

Siouxsie and the Banshees “Cities in Dust” *

Good Courage “I’m Not There (Extended Remix)”

Eco “Hass and Liebe (Emotional Edit)”

Shade Factory “Under Ten Lies (Club Slayer Edit)”

Kill Switch…Klick “Product A”

Gene Loves Jezebel “Desire”

Velvet Acid Christ “Fun with Drugs”

Angelspit “Elixir”

Pygmy Children “Recoil”

Rosetta Stone “The Witch” *

Das Ich “Der Schrei (Laboratory Mix)”

Ex-Voto “Transylvania Twist”

Spahn Ranch “Heretic’s Fork (Belief Mix by Birmingham 6)”

Waiting For God “Quarter Inch Thick (Mix by Collide)”

Skeletal Family “Promised Land” *

The Wake “Christine” *

Big Electric Cat “Paris Skies”

Crimson Joy “Wake Up”

Lab Report “Figure Q-42”

Blutengel “Black Roses (Single Edit)

Reaper “Angst (Soman Remix)”

Chrome “Meet You In The Subway” *

Controlled Fusion “Disregards”

If you liked these songs, check out some of the artists other stuff too!

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