The Last Corpse on the Left – Part IV

When we last left our hero, Medlow Staur; Medlow had been captured by Spring Heeled Jack and brought before the crime boss, Slargh Flavian. Following Slargh’s murder at Jack’s hands, Medlow Staur finds himself in a life or death fight against the Myndosian.

I cursed myself for dropping my guard as I felt someone wrap their arms around me and lift me off my feet. In less than a minute I was twenty blocks away falling face first on to a flat rooftop. I managed to catch myself with my hands before my mug stamped the roof.

I spun onto my back and pulled out my guns and lined Jack up in my sites. He stood there without fear and slowly lifted up the power packs from my guns.

“I think you need these to kill me,” he said mockingly with a cross between an amused smile and a sneer on his face.

I grasped my guns tight as I got up and charged him. If I couldn’t shoot him, at least I could bludgeon him to death with them. Unfortunately Jack was taller than me. He let out a front snap kick that landed right on my chest and sent me flying back.

I looked up at him and dived out of the way as he breathed a bluish-white fire ball at me. I guessed he was a joy at parties. Then I ran towards him, dived, rolled and launched myself at him, slamming him in the face with one of my guns. He was stunned and I continued the assault.

The fight continued, but unfortunately for me the fight was a pretty one sided affair in his favor. I received a pretty hard kick to my ribs, which sent me slamming into the low wall that surrounded the rooftop.

I knew when I had had enough. I held up my hand to let Jack know I was done. At this point most people just keep beating you down harder until you’re dead. I was thankful Jack was not one of those people.

I sat upright leaning against the short wall gasping for air. He picked up my guns and squatted down in front of me. He put the power packs back in them and placed the guns on the ground behind him. Looking at me, he said,

“Look, I’m sorry. I never meant for you to be a patsy, I just needed a little help. Those Elohim are a secretive bunch and I needed to draw them out in the open. You were the best guy for the job. You want to know why?”

“Enlighten me,” I barely managed to get out. I’ve been in a number of fights, but I’ve never been beat like this before.

“Your reputation precedes you. I know how tough you are. You’re the guy that went to war with the Klyhn Syndicate and came out on top. Everyone who ever stood up to them met horrible fates, but not you! You’re a survivor. I knew that no matter what happened you’d come out unscathed,” he said.

After a pause to catch his breath he said.

“You know what, let me ask you something.”

I nodded my head okay. And it hurt doing that too!
“You saw me exit the old lady’s ship. Why didn’t you tell the Elohim?”

“To be honest with you, I don’t trust them one bit,” I answered.

“Nor should you. They’re an extremely secretive society; which in my experience means that they do a lot of interfering in younger species history,” Jack said. I didn’t have time for theories. I needed some facts to give Daleth or else she wouldn’t fix my ship.

“What are you doing with an Elohim warship?” I asked.

“I’m sure you already heard about Doctor Enserr,” said Jack.

“The doctor that was brutally murdered in his office a year ago?”
I asked him. This guy was talking too much. Unfortunately I was in no shape to get up and beat the information I wanted out of him.

“He was my doctor. He told me I was dying and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He told me nobody could,” Jack began.

“I hate it when I get answers I don’t like. I killed him and as I was erasing all my records on his computer, I found a book on his desk about the Elohim. After reading the book, I decided to seek out the author to see if the Elohim were real. I’ve always been a curious person and I love debunking myths. I always thought that the Elohim were just made up to sell books. You know, like the aliens that supposedly built Egypt’s pyramids. Or the aliens that supposedly used the Nazca Lines in Peru as landing strips for their UFO’s.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Elohim were real and that the author had actually found an Elohim warship! We visited the location together, and after verifying his story was true, arranged an accident for him. I destroyed all the data he had about the ship, saving a single copy for myself. I was only able to power up the ship, but didn’t know the commands or have the schematics to operate it. I took bits and pieces of the ship, selling them on the black market, hoping to draw the Elohim out. Quite a clever plan, don’t you think?”

“You didn’t answer my question,” I said.

“What question?” he asked.

“The yarging Elohim warship, why do you need it?” I demanded. Immediately I wished I hadn’t yelled. It caused me to tense up and only made me hurt more.

“Oh, yes. The plan is not fully complete yet, but long story short, I’m dying and I intend to go out with quite the bang. Stay alive long enough you may read about it in a history book.”

He stood up and began to walk away when he stopped, snapped his fingers and moonwalked back to my guns. Spinning around he looked at me and said,

“By the way, give those Elohim this data stick, it’ll throw them off my trail long enough for me to finish things up. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta bounce.”

Just as he said those words, there was a massive explosion that shook the building I was on. I ducked down as best as I could as debris rained down on the roof. I looked around and Jack was gone. When the debris stopped raining down, I crawled over to my guns and found the data stick laying between them. I put my guns back in their holsters and pocketed the data stick. I managed to stand up awkwardly and saw Slargh’s warehouse burning in the distance.

“I know why I smelled gas now,” I said to myself as I collapsed to my hands and knees. I tried to get up but my body wasn’t having it. Darkness knocked and my body was only too happy to answer.

The End

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The Last Corpse on the Left ©2017

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