The Last Corpse on the Left – Part Two

When we last left our hero, Medlow Staur; he had been attacked exiting the Corpsemeister and Son funeral home. This is what happened next:

I don’t know how long I was out, but I know I was having the craziest dream when I felt a hand slap me across the face. I open my eyes and see it coming back in for round two when I snarl,

“You slap me again I’m gonna feed you your hand. Only I’m gonna feed it to ya from the other end.”

The guy chuckles and backs off. I get a good look at him and his partner. They were human and if the three of us were back on Earth, I’d have to say one guy looks South Asian and the other guy looks Polynesian. Both were wearing silver Nehru jackets, silver pants and silver boots. They looked like something outta a bad sci-fi B-movie! I tell ‘em that and they get confused looks on their mugs and don’t say squat. I guess they don’t have B-movies where they come from.

Now seeing as how both these guys were definitely human, that meant that I was on equal terms if I could get out of the restraints that bound me to the chair. The chair was actually pretty comfortable. After I cleaned these two goon’s clocks, I’d probably take the chair home with me.

Taking in my surroundings I found myself in a large, unfurnished, penthouse suite. The room I was in had a fireplace and on top of the mantle were my guns, my hat and my overcoat. Straight ahead of me was a balcony large enough to park three or four cars on.

I try to make conversation with the wannabe spacemen when a bright light appears in the sky. It looked like a burning comet but as it gets closer I noticed it was a ship. It was shaped like a spinning wheel that appeared to be on fire. It kind of reminded me of something from a Bible I found and read as a teenager. In the Old Testament section, there were these angels with flaming wheels that came down to visit man or something like that.

The ship landed and the fire went out and it just looks like a giant wheel standing there. A door opened up in the side of the wheel and out steps a woman in silver robes. The material looked exactly like the material the two space jockeys were wearing. She appeared to be in her late fifties to early sixties. She also had a real aristocratic bearing to her.

She walked up to the glass door and it opened for her. Stepping inside she looked at me and said,

“I am Daleth, the fourth Prelate of the Metatron, the ruling body of the Elohim. You are here because you have stolen our property.”

I was pissed. No one accuses me of something I didn’t do! I looked at her and I go,

“Listen, lady. I ain’t got time for no games. I never heard of no fancy megatron or no Elohim. I’m just a private eye trying to make enough dough to blow this pop stand for good.”

She comes over and pulls a small makeup compact out of her sleeve. She’s rubs her finger on whatever is inside before she leans in close and says, “Let’s try this again.”

I’m about to say something when she taps me on the underside of my jaw and I can’t say a word. Man, my blood was boiling!

I started feeling weird too. The spot where she tapped me felt warm. Within seconds the feeling of warmth began to spread throughout my body. I felt calmer too. My blood was no longer boiling and I felt like asking the three of them if they’d like to join me for a beer.

“Who am I?” she asks me.

Without even thinking I replied, “Daleth, fourth Prelate of the Metatron, the ruling body of the Elohim.”

“You play the ignorant, tough guy. Shoot first, ask questions later, always look out for number one. But that’s not who you really are, is it?” she asks.


“What is your name?”

“Medlow Staur”

“Where do you come from?”


“Quinthos,” the woman says slightly alarmed. “You’re not one of those people, are you?”

“No, no,” I said defensively, “I’m not one of those xenophobic, religious zealots that have been causing annoyance to parts of the Milky Way. My ancestors came from every continent on Earth. They stole a Norian spaceship and landed on Quinthos hundreds of years ago.”

“The Norians? Interesting,” she said. “Rather cruel way you humans ended your war with them. Although, it was for the best. The Norians were a plague on the universe.”

I started to feel myself fighting back against whatever drug the woman had used on me. I was getting angrier and angrier that someone was making me do something against my will. Nobody makes me do anything I don’t wanna do! As my anger rose, my head started to become clearer. I decided the best way to fight back was let my anger flow. I decided to engage her in conversation. Maybe I could distract her long enough for me to regain control.

“You know of the war between humans and Norians?” I asked.

She smiled and said,

“You have a very strong will Mr. Staur. Most people aren’t able to start counteracting the effects of the drug I gave you until several hours have passed by.”

She ordered the two goons to get some chairs from an adjoining room. The goons set their chairs off to the side while the lady set her chair directly across from mine.

“We are familiar with the planet Earth. We have visited it several times in its ancient history. Unfortunately our presence on your world did leave a mark that is still visible today.”

She got out of her chair and approached me. I watched as she pulled something from one of my suit coat’s inner pockets. She went back to her chair and sat down. Slowly she lifted her hand up and I could see she was holding a small gray device.

“Do you know what this is?” she asked.

I felt the drug kicking in again and I was feeling compliant. I didn’t like this one bit! I thought about everything that had ever gotten me angry and let it flood my brain.

“No,” I reply.

“Have you ever seen this before?”

“No.” I let the anger creep into my voice.

“Do you know what it does?”

“No.” I snarl.

“Where did you find it?”

“I didn’t even know I had it until you pulled it out of my pocket. Maybe one of your goons put it there when they were stealing my gats?” Man, was I livid and ready to go.

She looked over at her goons and the taller one, who was holding some kind of a tablet device, said, “He’s telling the truth.”

“See? I told you your goons planted that thing on me. Which one of you rat fink bastards did the deed?” I demand.

“Neither of them planted this device on you. He was simply stating that you do not know how you came into possession of this device” stated the woman.

The one with the tablet exclaimed that I had completely counteracted the drug. She stood up quickly and gestured for the space goons to follow her. The shorter one hit me with the stun baton again but his angle was off and only took the wind out of my sails. I decided that it was in my best interest to play like I was knocked out.

I heard a door close and I lifted my head and tried to guess which of the closed doors they went behind. It was at that moment that I saw something on the balcony out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head and saw an extremely tall, blue skinned man dressed in Victorian Period clothing. As he exited the ship that Daleth had arrived in, he put the top hat that he had in his hand, back on his head.

He turned towards me and I got a good look at his face. He was a Myndosian! The Myndosians were from the galaxy that humans know as Barnard’s Galaxy. Their planet, Myndos, is one of the most technologically advanced planets in this part of the universe. Masters of science and mathematics, they’ve invented or improved on innumerable devices, machines and starships.

Very few non-Myndosians are allowed to set foot on the planet. It’s also very rare for Myndosians to be allowed to leave the planet. Either this guy was highly regarded or he was an outright criminal. I was betting on the latter. From what I’ve heard, Myndosians were almost all identical. They all had blue skin and black hair. They had red eyes that glowed in the dark like fire.

They also had long pointy noses and chins and pointed ears. I also heard that they have razor sharp claws on their fingertips. I couldn’t really tell because this guy was wearing gloves. If everything I heard about them was true, this guy was definitely a textbook example of a Myndosian.

I wasn’t sure what was up with the Victorian suit, though. He noticed me looking at him. He smiled and winked at me, before jumping backwards over the railing and disappearing down the side of the building. I heard a doorknob turning so I went back into my knocked out pose. The door opened and closed but I only heard one set of footsteps coming towards me.

“You can stop pretending you’re unconscious now. We have to talk,” Daleth says as she sits down in the chair across from me.

“No goons?” I ask.

“No goons,” she confirms. I chuckled a little at the classy, sophisticated lady saying the word goons.

“You certainly are a very interesting man,” she began. “The computer finished its search on you. You initiated a slave rebellion on Planet K in the Andromeda Galaxy. You also singlehandedly defeated the robotic outlaw, El Moto Loco and his gang on Mars. When you’re not fighting for yourself, you are also willing to fight for others. That tells me you are a man of principles and character. No wonder you left Quinthos,” she said.

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” I said evenly. I had to admire this lady’s guts coming out here to talk to me alone. Not that I would harm her or anything. I’ve always respected women. Even though I grew up on a planet that drilled into all males, a constant stream of misogynistic indoctrination, I would never harm a woman.

“I’m not trying to flatter you,” Daleth said. “I’m just impressed that someone who grew up on Quinthos could turn out to be a good person.”

“It wasn’t always like it is now,” I began. “My ancestors found themselves among many different groups of aliens when they first arrived. They built a colony and conducted trade with their neighbors. Everything was peaceful for a few hundred years until the religious zealots started gaining power. They kept telling us how terrible things were, how people were starving and stuff. All of it was untrue! We had no troubles so they made troubles. It started small but they were an impatient lot.

They sabotaged our colony and blamed the aliens for our misery. They forced people to believe what they told them was true and not to trust anyone else.

They came up with this weird, psychotic version of monotheism, where the god they created only loved people who were well off. They started telling us that our god wanted this, or our god wanted that. They banned all sexual orientations but heterosexuality. They also banned abortions and wouldn’t let women make decisions about their own bodies. They loved fetuses but as soon as the child was born they were the enemy.

If you were handicapped or had any mental issues they shot you and left your body to rot in the woods. Women, the elderly, kids, free thinkers, all of them were the enemy. You were taught to report on anyone that questioned the status quo. They said you were helping those that you turned in. They started rewarding people for reporting transgressions. Soon people started accusing others of things they never did to get rewards and curry favor.

Education went way down. Books were burned and writing was prohibited. You were only allowed to learn what the elites wanted you to know. They printed money and made sure only certain people could get it. They prohibited people from getting healthcare unless they could pay huge amounts of money. But since only the elites had money almost everyone was out of luck. You just hoped that you never got sick, because if you did, you died.

The only people that got respect were straight men. It was just like the United States of America when it got taken over by Russian collaborating, White Nationalists and their treasonous lackeys and other sycophantic scum.

Wanting more power and wealth, the elites invited big corporations to come to Quinthos and use up our resources. Those corporations played us big time! The elite class were just puppets to them. By this time the aliens had left Quinthos and the human colony was all chewed up and spit out. In order to stay in power the elites did what elites always do to maintain control. They started a war. They founded a Terran rights militia and sent them out to do hit and run attacks on neighboring worlds blaming them for our misfortunes. Eventually a full scale war happened and the colony was decimated. Once the war was over, the elites declared victory and their uneducated, brainwashed supporters praised them as heroes.”

“So at what point did you decide to leave?” she asked.

“When I confided in someone that I thought I could trust, that I was bisexual. They didn’t even wait ten minutes before calling the police. Lucky for me I had been preparing for a day like that and made it off-world before they caught me,” I answered.

“As advanced as we Elohim are, we still have people who are uncomfortable with anyone not heterosexual. My wife and I sometimes experience this. She more so because she’s bisexual too, but has chosen to be in a monogamous marriage with me. So many people are prejudiced against bisexual people. They think that they’re either confused, looking for attention or will fornicate with anyone. It’s not just humans and Elohim that this happens to, but on other planets as well,” she said.

“Unfortunately you’re right. I’ve experienced prejudice on many different planets. I’ve been told by both gays and straights to pick a side or that all bisexual people are spreaders of sexually transmitted diseases. I really do feel for you both. Homophobia and biphobia are terrible things!” I said sincerely. Seeing as how Daleth and I had some strong common ground, I decided to let bygones be bygones and play nice.

“So what planet are you from and why are you here?” I asked.

Next week, Daleth reveals a secret and Medlow follows up on his most dangerous lead yet! Check back next week, July 11th, 2018 for Part 3 of The Last Corpse on the Left by Andres Diaz.

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