Fuck your entitlement

by Andres Diaz

Copyright 2017

Forgetting you’re just another cog in the machine

Upset that you don’t get your way

Can’t imagine the plight of others

Kill anyone that doesn’t live up to your standards

Yelling until you get your way

Obnoxious people that won’t kow tow to you

Ugly reminder of where you started from

Retracting the truth about your humble origins

Everyone on Earth was made to serve you

No one should ever disagree with you

Thinking the downfall of society is tolerance for differences

I will tell you what makes the world better you say,

“Things should never change because they were good then

Leave your culture at the door if you want to fit in

Everything that happened before doesn’t matter,

My world and what I can benefit from is all that matters

Entitlement is my right and my privilege

No one deserves to receive what I was handed for free

Too bad for you I’m too stupid to know better

Or understand the hate I cause.”

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