The Bluegrass Obstructer

by Andres Diaz

Copyright 2017

The evil turtle comes out of its shell

To make everyone’s life a living Hell

Hamstringing a President because he was black

That old motherfucker is really quite whack

He chooses party over country without regrets

He has a whole state of constituents he forgets

He lines his pockets with lobbyist cash

So he can survive when the markets crash

He thinks he is safe because his wife has a job

With an orange, disgusting, pussy grabbing slob

But he’s going down when the truth comes out

That he knew of the Russian collusion without a doubt

He and the other traitors will be locked away

Welcome to Club Fed and enjoy your stay.

Visit here to tell that old turtle motherfucker to stop obstructing, release the Mueller report and to stop supporting Trump!

This poem and many others like it are available from Andres Diaz’s book OTRONAUT. Purchase it from Payhip, Kobo and the Google Play Store!

Thank you for your continued support!

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