It does affect you!

by Andres Diaz

Copyright 2017

Ignorance is inexcusable

Thinking is absolutely necessary

Don’t you know that things do affect you?

Overall it may not be directly

Everyone thinks it won’t matter

Suddenly their world is turned asunder

Everyone you know can be affected

Fighting for rights you already have

Forgetting your ancestors had to struggle as well

Every race and ethnicity needs to learn

Change cannot be accomplished separately

Things must be done together

You need to open your eyes

Or you will betray the world around you

While you hide under your security blanket.

History will repeat itself

by Andres Diaz

Copyright 2017

To say history doesn’t matter

Does a disservice to all who fought and died

To create the world we live in

Without the past we wouldn’t be here

If we ignore the past

We have no right to be surprised

When bad things happen again

How many wars have happened?

How much genocide?

How many other bad things?

Because people said to ignore the warning signs

That was long ago

It can’t happen again

Well it can happen again!

And it will!

It is happening right now!

And when you look me in the eye

And see I speak the truth

You’ll realize how stupid you’ve been

And educate yourself and others

To keep the evil of the world at bay.

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