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All poems below by Andres Diaz and are ©2017
The Life of a Viking

In the king’s hall plans are made

For when the spring comes they will raid

The foreign lands are rich with gold

But in order to profit one must be bold

A dangerous trip across the sea must be made

To arrive at the land of forest and glade

There they will go to achieve their glory

And when they return they will tell their story

Of enemies fought and things they’ve taken

The next morning after they awaken

They go back to their farms and continue their lives

Working alongside their children and wives

When they’re not raiding they’re just regular folk

Working with oxen tied to a yolk

A humble existence when they are at home

But they become giants when they start to roam

Adventure and glory are always on their mind

While they work together to strengthen the ties that bind

A better life is all they seek

But it will never come to those that are meek.
The Sea Serpent

Under the water

The sea serpent glides

Searching for prey

On currents it rides

With its sharp teeth

And clever eyes

It can find anything

Even prey in disguise

Schools of fish

Or crustaceans on the floor

When it is hungry

It wants more and more

Even its own kind isn’t safe

If it has eaten less than its fill

Then another sea serpent

Will be its next kill.
Don’t try to psychology me!

Traveling down the data stream

Bathed in electron hues

Polarity of terminus deleting rods

Forward renewable telemetry

Consuming morbid views

Carbon palladium nanoverse

Who got the new shoes?

Trinary stars on a methane shore

Silicon adventures silly string

Overboard in a potassium stew

Gigabytes of terror

Locked in robot blue

Pulling down the silver avalanche

Filling barium pumping neutrinos

Canned laughter cannot do

The End!

Write whatever you want

Here is another poem

It is not a sonnet

I’m not Shakespeare

So put that in your bonnet

Away and away the words go

When will they stop no one knows

You’re so in love with Byron

I might have to get the hose

Your arm chair degree in literature

Impresses no one but yourself

I wish pretentious attitudes

Were as hard to find as an elf

I will write what I want

And so should you

Ignore the critics

When they cry boo-hoo.
Such a wonderful world

Stunningly beautiful

Underground artistry

Containing hidden things

How the world can ignore it

Amazes us who love such things

Where true beauty is in the heart

Opposite of what the masses are told

Non-conformity is not a sin

Do not deny the truth

Everyone is different

Richness is in diversity

Fulfillment in creativity

United in love

Love of the dark

Where creatures stir

Openings to new worlds

Regard the beauty

Let your heart be open

Draw the future together.
Our mother is the Earth

The Earth is our mother

We must show her respect

This increase in climate change

Shows our neglect

This planet is the only one we have

If we are to survive on Earth

We must give climate change deniers

And polluters no berth

Pipelines and drilling do unnecessary damage

Wind, solar and geothermal are other choices

But they won’t help the oil exec’s

Get their custom Rolls Royce’s

We can’t reach the future

By only harvesting the past

These sources are not renewable

And they will never last.
E.R.A. blockers are assholes

Women deserve equal pay

For equal work

But you only want to see

Women who twerk

You want all women

To know their place

And pretend when it comes to money

There isn’t a space

The Nineteen Fifties

Is your ideal

Women stay at home

And make you a meal

You’ll be in for a surprise

At the next election

When you lose your job

And your tiny erection.
You’re not a patriot!

You no longer have the right to call yourself a patriot

Why, do you ask?

Well, the answer is

It’s in the hatred you bask

We are a land of immigrants

That’s a fact you can’t bear

As you look on anyone different

With a hateful stare

You support the destruction of the poor

So millionaires can stay rich

While they piss all over you

As you lay dying in a ditch

You want anyone not Christian

To get the fuck out

Because you have to say Happy Holidays

Instead of Merry Xmas with a shout

You want to get rid of “illegals”

Because “they’re stealing all the jobs”

But they do the jobs you wouldn’t

And you still call them lazy slobs

Your belief in a meritocracy

Has been proven wrong over time

Yet you trap yourself in it

In the invisible box, you’re a mime

You vote for millionaires

Who don’t pay their taxes

While they cut your social programs

With razor sharp axes

You claim your conman saint

Did all these things right

But it was really that other guy

The one you hate cause he’s not white

That orange goon, colluded with Russia

But he gets a free pass

While he rips apart this country

Shredding it with broken glass

You want to let him take over

And make himself a king

But forget your education

And one very important thing

The point of our revolution

Was to end the foreign rule

Of a crazed despot

Not remain his tool

You’re ok with taking away human rights

Only certain males will rule the land

A country of hypocrisy

That can never stand

If it wasn’t for immigrants

Hint, your ancestors were too

This country would be nothing

But a puddle of vanilla goo

If you support bigotry and hatred

Claiming it’s your patriotic right

You’re in the wrong fucking country

Now get the fuck out of my sight!

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