Here is a humorous poem from my poetry book, OTRONAUT!

High School Sucks!

by Andres Diaz

Copyright 2017

I was so disappointed with the Key Club

When they told me they don’t club people with giant keys

I told the music teacher I can play the didgeridoo for her

She told me didgeridon’t

So I picked up a violin

And she said to put it Bach

I wanted to join the A/V club

Until they said A/V doesn’t stand for Awesome Vampires

The Home Ec teacher kicked me out

When my homemade ginger ale turned into ginger fail

My guidance counselor said I need Algebra

I don’t think I need a bra made from algae

We had to read Hamlet in English class

Spoiler alert, it is not a cookbook for ham cutlets

They kicked me out of the Fencing club

For trying to sell them the principal’s stolen watch

They kicked me out of Mock Trial

For mocking the judicial system

They refused to audition me for Godspell

After I said I don’t need an audition, God is spelled G-O-D

My home room teacher sent me to the principal’s office

When I asked, if this is high school how come we’re not getting high?

I hope none of this messes with my GPA

GPA still stands for Great Personal Awesomeness, right?

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