Sometimes we get so wrapped up in moving ahead that we forget the good things we’ve left behind. In my case it’s the music videos of Karnstein, my comedy videos and all the beautiful photos I’ve taken over the years. I have decided to take a short break from writing and focus my time on re-releasing my videos on my new YouTube channel and re-posting my photography on my new Flickr account.

I have also switched my website to a different template that I feel is better suited. It also randomizes the images I’ve chosen to be the header! And best of all it’s adaptative so it changes based on the size of the screen you’re viewing it on! I also added Follow Us icons on the site so you can check us out on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr! It will be a long process and I can only do a little at a time but it will definitely be worth it when I’m done!

#andresdiaz #startover #flickr #photography #karnstein #fantasmaverdegroup #dothebestyoucan #website #wordpress

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