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One of the hallmarks of my work is that I do everything myself. I create my own photoshop art, music, videos and other things. Why pay someone else to make a product for me that I may not be happy with? I prefer the D.I.Y. approach as it gives me the opportunity to release a product I am proud to put my name on. And if I mess it up, I didn’t lose any money and I can fix it without having to pay someone else, or the same person, to fix it! In my effort to encourage others to create their own works and not feel they have to depend on corporations and their rules and demands, I am going to occasionally share tips and advice on how to create your own products. Don’t let others dictate what you can and cannot do with something you love! It’s your world and your creation, do it how you want, even if you have to fix it twenty times (like I do! lol) and love the final result!
– Andres Diaz, Albany, NY 4/12/18

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