The Beauty in the Darkness

by Andres Diaz

Copyright 2017

It’s midnight in the cemetery

You walk peacefully through the tombstones

In the trees the bats fly hunting for insects

You lay down on one of the graves

As you look up at the night sky

You see countless stars above you

You are at peace in the darkness

The night doesn’t frighten you

You embrace the dark that others shun

The dark is your light

You find pleasure where others find fear

You are of the dark but not the negative

You are beauty standing proud against their conformity

Your journey is for discovery

Of the hidden facets of this life

You never stopped questioning

In the dark you seek the truth

Is this existence or something more

Who you are is who you want to be

Without compromising your principles

You are the square peg in the round hole

And you are glorious for it!

This poem and many others like it are available in my poetry book, OTRONAUT!

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