For millennia you stood

Watching as the world changed around you

You stood there in the presence of many

Of both kings and commoners

In times of war and of peace

In times of invasion and innovation

Your majesty inspired awe

And when the world changed

And the men that created you passed into history

You were still there



We loved you so much we brought you inside

Protected you from the elements

Placed you so you would be preserved

For future generations to enjoy

And now you are gone

Through no fault of your own

Your wings ruined

Your head and beard broken

You belonged to all of us

You were the legacy of human invention and wisdom

Without you we will lose the greatest gift of all

The knowledge that great things can be done

Beautiful art can be created

Without the modern tools we take for granted

Your legacy is our legacy

Your heart is my heart

And now our hearts are broken

I weep for you my beautiful friend

Without you I am lost.

This poem was inspired by the Lamassu (a Lamassu is an Assyrian protective deity, often depicted as having a human’s head, a body of a bull or a lion, and bird’s wings.) that was destroyed by the Islamic State at the Mosul Museum in Iraq in 2015. For someone who loves ancient history as much as I do, it was absolutely heartbreaking to see the video of one of those Lamassu being destroyed.

I took the photo above at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This poem is available in my book Otronaut. Otronaut can be purchased in epub format here and pdf format here from Payhip.

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#localwriter #selfpublished #otronaut #museumsareawesome

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