I was watching an episode of Scooby Doo a while back. It was the episode with Tim Conway as a coach. I’m not sure why, but the animation in this episode is the worse out of the rest of the ones I’ve seen recently. And Casey Kasem is doing the voice of the sports announcer in the exact same voice he uses for Shaggy. Was the budget tight that week? One thing I don’t understand about this show, those meddling kids have gone through the same issue like 100 times, they get chased by a ghost and at the end of the episode they find out the ghost is a real person. If that happened to me, like once, the next time there’s a ghost chasing me I wouldn’t run. I’d turn around and punch that cabron right in the face. End of episode. “Sorry kids try to pad out the rest of the episode so the audience isn’t disappointed that the show’s over already. By the way, how the hell do you kids get money for gas for the van if you don’t have jobs. And where the hell do you get all that money for all the food Shaggy and Scooby eat? You might want to tell those two to lay off the reefer. The amount of money on food you guys spend to quench their munchies could bankrupt a small nation!”

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