I am an eclectic pagan with interest in Norse and Egyptian gods and goddesses. Unfortunately white supremacists have been hijacking Norse paganism for a long time now and are hijacking the Norse Runes as their symbol. I was attacked on Twitter in 2016 by racist Odinists who took offense by my saying Odin does not condone racism. This article explains very well the troubles we non-racist pagans face. It is my fear that the mainstream culture and religions will come to believe that all pagans are racist based on the actions and beliefs of a bunch of racists who are highjacking paganism for their own ends. I share the link with you and say, Paganism is about love and encompasses all people, regardless of geography, language or family background. The gods speak to all of us and understand all languages. My friendship with Odin is not cultural appropriation, he spoke to me and I answered.

Click here for the article

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