Andres Diaz wanted to release the music and music videos of his experimental music project, Karnstein, so he founded Fantasma Verde Records. Then he decided to start publishing his writings, so he created the Fantasma Verde Group to cover everything he released! He didn’t go begging big corporations to help him! He decided to do it all himself so people can see, listen to and read real products, rather than sanitized, generic dreck! He wants everyone to know that they can do what he did! Create your vision and make a world all your own! You can do it!

Support Andres Diaz and his Fantasma Verde Group as he builds new worlds for you to explore and enjoy!

#andresdiaz #fantasmaverdegroup #albanygoth #518 #albanyny #capitalregionny #upstatenygoth #nonconformist #nonconformity #beyourself #positivity #thinkpositive #dothebestyoucan #noregrets #diy #karnstein #fantasmaverderecords

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