Here is “The Last Poem” from my poetry collection, “Otronaut”.

The Last Poem

by Andres Diaz

Copyright 2017

When you dream, dream big

Go after what you want

Do not be dissuaded by others

Do not let others pour gasoline on your dreams

And then set them on fire

Your ideals are what keeps you going Even in the darkest times, under crushing defeat

Even in the darkest times, under crushing defeat

Keep the hope in your heart alive

Keep moving and you will see the light up ahead

The pain, suffering and heartache you go through

They are temporary things that will make you stronger

Continue the fight and show those that stepped on you

Those that hurt you and wanted to see you fall

That you never gave up

That you are better than them and their petty jealousy

You can have the world you want

It may take longer than you expected

It may not be in the form you originally envisioned

But it will be your future

And as you rise up, look at those that tried to stop you

See how far they fell

See how they tied themselves to the weights they tied you to

Look down on them as they scream up the mountain

Grasping the tethers you cut in their hands

Flip them the bird and then keep climbing higher

You’re better off without them and the pain they caused

Embrace your future

Embrace your hope

Embrace your joy

Close the door and move forward

It is now your time to shine.

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