The Adventures of Medlow Staur

by Andres Diaz

The Adventures of Medlow Staur is a collection of all four previously published Medlow Staur adventures, all in one book! These four stories chronicle the adventures of bisexual, intergalactic adventurer and entrepreneur, Medlow Staur, as he fights to survive in a universe where the deck is stacked against him!

This book contains:

The Last Corpse on the Left

“Medlow Staur, intergalactic adventurer and entrepreneur; now working as a private investigator on Hrodahk 5, is thrust into action by a mysterious visitor. As his investigation progresses, he’s confronted by the enigmatic Elohim and placed into a confrontation with the infamous, Spring Heeled Jack. Who can he trust and who’s playing who on a planet where he has more enemies than friends?”

Showdown at Starbase Zero

“Medlow Staur, orphaned as an infant and raised as a ward of the fascist, anti-alien government of his home planet, thought that he had escaped his dark past forever. Upon his return to the Milky Way Galaxy, he finds himself captured by the very dark forces he’s been running from his entire adult life. Betrayed by his friend and held captive by his former squad leader and their shared lover, Medlow has to escape both his captors as well as the psychological pain he’s suppressed over the years. Can he find the courage and the strength to escape from his past before Starbase Zero becomes his final resting place?”

Of Plants and Men

“Medlow Staur has been hired to investigate the mysterious disappearances plaguing a city on the planet Lentap 5, in the Pegasus Galaxy.”


Tolerance, Love and Respect

“It was just supposed to be a fun night out for the young man, his ex-boyfriend, and their two lesbian friends who dressed them up to look like women. Instead the four of them went into the wrong club and the young man was assaulted in the bathroom by a bigot with a hidden secret. After fighting their way out, they find that it’s them on the wrong side of the law. In a town run by bigots, where does one turn for justice?”

Publisher: Fantasma Verde Group

Language: English

Available in both EPUB format and PDF format!

On sale now for 6.99!

#bisexual #hardboileddetective #sciencefiction #springheeledjack #elohim #intergalactic #fascism #bigotry #love #romance #aliens #thelastcorpseontheleft #showdownatstarbasezero #ofplantsandmen #toleranceloveandrespect #andresdiaz #albanyny #lgbtq

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