The following two #poems are from #Otronaut by Andres Diaz and are available here: OTRONAUT

You’re being lied to!

You’re living in mental filth
Surrounded by flies
Unwilling to believe anything
Except for their lies

You’re told to blame others
For the failings that you see
Though you choose to do nothing
To uphold other people’s liberty

You demonize anyone who’s different
If their not straight, Christian and white
You care nothing for anyone
Not endorsed by the religious right

Gullible people are letting this country fall
We are not your enemies, we speak the truth
While those treacherous bastards
Will make you lose your roof.

You’re not a patriot!

You no longer have the right to call yourself a patriot
Why, do you ask?
Well, the answer is
It’s in the hatred you bask

We are a land of immigrants
That’s a fact you can’t bear
As you look on anyone different
With a hateful stare

You support the destruction of the poor
So millionnaires can stay rich
While they piss all over you
Like you’re their bottom bitch

You want anyone not Christian
To get the fuck out
Because you have to say Happy Holidays
Instead of Merry Xmas with a shout

You want to get rid of “illegals”
Because “they’re stealing all the jobs”
But they do the jobs you wouldn’t 
And you still call them lazy slobs

Your belief in a meritocracy
Has been proven wrong over time
Yet you trap yourself in it
In the invisible box, you’re a mime.

You vote for millionaires
Who don’t pay their taxes
While they cut your social programs
With razor sharp axes

You claim your conman saint
Did all these things right
But it was really that other guy
The one you hate cause he’s not white

That orange goon, colluded with Russia
But he gets a free pass
While he rips apart this country
Shredding it with broken glass

You want to let him take over
And make himself a king
But forget your education
And one very important thing

The point of our revolution
Was to end the foreign rule
Of a crazed despot
Not remain his tool

You’re ok with taking away human rights
Only certain males will rule the land
A country of hypocrisy
That can never stand

If it wasn’t for immigrants
Hint, your ancestors were too
This country would be nothing
But a puddle of vanilla goo

If you support bigotry and hatred
Claiming it’s your patriotic right
You’re in the wrong fucking country
Now get the fuck out of my sight!

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