Here are a couple of poems about the wanna-be Fuhrer, #DonaldTrump, that #Russia installed and has a corrupt and complicit #GOP protecting him! The longer that fascist idiot is in charge the harder it’s going to be to pull America from the edge of destruction!

The Trumperor’s New Con

Oh Donald, oh Donald
Where for art thou?
You aren’t in Washington
Where are you now?

Your Russian buddies got you in power
But now a servant to the public
And we don’t want you turning us
Into a new Russian republic.

Government and corporate, two different things
The POTUS doesn’t get weekends at his resort
It’s a full time job that needs attention
If you can’t do the job, then hit the abort

You’re a liar and a fraud
Everyone knows
You’re treating this country
Like we’re your pee ho’s

Every day we rise
Higher and higher
While you try to sell us out
To the richest buyer

You’re only interested in funding your empire
Wasting our tax dollars for your excursions
While trading America to Putin
Because of your perversions

You’re the worst thing to happen to us
That’s not a small statement
We will not listen to your nonsense
Especially your lies and beratement

We the Resistance make this perfectly clear
America will rise from the ashes
And you and your fascist regime
Will no longer have bashes

Your name will be a stain on history
That is assured
Forever known
As one giant, orange turd.

You’re going down you traitor clown!

You’re a fake ass billionaire
Covering your funk with gold leaf
Thank the gods
That your reign of terror will be brief

You sold us out to Russia
To increase your coffers
They must have been the highest bidders
And made better offers

Your fascist regime is a ponzi scheme
With a side order of nepotism and desperation
You’re running scared
That explains your perspiration

The net is tightening with no way out
You’ll be in Club Fed without a doubt
Please don’t disturb your celly
With your sad little pout.

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