This is the very first blog post of Andres Diaz, of the Fantasma Verde Group:

Hey all, things are a little rushed this morning. I meant to write a big long blog post explaining who I am and what I do. In lieu of that here is a poem from my poetry book, Otronaut, which I feel is most timely thanks to the passing of that #GOPTaxScam. I’ll be posting more political poems from my books over the coming days! Enjoy!

Corrupt Bastards must go!

You fake Christian poop stains
Claiming you’re doing what is right
From your pretty offices
Wrecking this country with blight
You were not elected to office
To only help the rich
And throw your constituents
Into the nearest ditch
You’re a bunch of power hungry troglodytes
Profiting from your position
While conducting a shadow war
Against the poor, using attrition
You vote against your constituents
And their needs
While filling your offshore bank accounts
With the profits of your greeds
You claim to believe in Jesus
But would let the poor die
He’ll deny you entry into Heaven
And in Hell you’ll fry
Nothing about the will of the people
Will change your corrupt mind
Hopefully they vote you out
And slam the door on your behind.

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